Philips is leading the way?

Philips series of 3D TV monitors have been named WOWvx, because that is what people who looks at them call them - WOW!!! Philips 42-3D6W02 looks like an ordinary LCD HD TV but the screen is all 3D. You can look at the screen from an 120 degrees angle but it looks best if you look at the screen straight ahead at zero angle. The image quality is really good but not as perfect as the very best 2D HD TV.

Two Types of 3D TV Movies

There are two types of movies you can watch, true 3D produced movies, and 2D movies converted to 3D. There are a slight sifference in the image quality but we must remember that the technology is all new and more are coming! Still, the credibility is there.

3D TV and Commercial screens

Because the technology is new and expensive for ordinary folks, Philips is aiming at the 'digital signage'-market, and the Philips 42-3D6W02 is just such a TV screen designed for public areas like malls and restaurants. People actually likes to watch commercials if it is in 3D!

Philips new HD 3D TV - The price?

So what will it cost you to impress, and certainly, to be impressed? The big 40 are sold for about $12000 and the smaller size 20 is shipped for $3000. But if you can wait the prizes will of course eventually be like any ordinary TV sold anywhere today...

Philips new 3D TV - When will it come?

When will the new Philips 3D TV be available in the stores? At the soonest you will be able to buy one in 2009, maybe 2010. But then all else will be history! Believe it if you dare...

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